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The most innovative football community in the world 28.5-29.5.2014

Arctic Football Forum is hosting the leading Football Conference in the Nordics, Baltics, and Russia.  We are developing football knowledge and practices by uniting the region’s football professionals and providing cutting edge content from world class speakers.


The Conference content is split into two tracks:

Leadership & strategy

  • Business Models
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Organisation Governance
  • Decisions by Statistics

Performance Development

  • Coaching Methods
  • Injury Prevention
  • Performance Analysis
  • Fitness Testing & Training
  • Talent Identification


The Conference content will help you discover:

  • How to compete successfully with limited resources
  • Long-term unified strategies in business and for performance
  • The key long-term predictors of success
  • The required areas of future research
  • Cost-effective ways to benefit from sports science
  • How the next generation of players will shape the global game


All football professionals will learn from the Conference, especially:

  • Coaches & Technical Staff
  • Directors & Business Staff
  • Investors & Sponsors
  • Researchers
  • Agents
  • Media

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speaker

Jonathan Wilson

The Guardian, ‘Inverting the Pyramid’, The Blizzard

Jonathan will be delivering a keynote speech on the ‘Global Evolutionary Trends in Football’.

Jonathan is a world-renowned football journalist and author at the frontline of developing the wider understanding of the game in his native UK.  His work is highly respected in professional football circles and he has conveyed a deeper football debate, especially regarding tactics, across the football community.

Jonathan has worked for a number of top publications, including The Guardian, where his role developed from the east European football correspondent to primary contributor to The Question, The Guardian’s feature on tactical trends.  Jonathan’s attempt to go beyond the traditional superficial coverage initially led to him publishing several bestselling books, including the 2008 British Football Book of the Year, Inverting the Pyramid, which explores the global evolution of tactics and criticised the lack of tactical innovation in British football.  However, perhaps his most effective concrete contribution yet was to found and edit The Blizzard, a football journal filled with a wide range of content from some of the biggest names in football.  His knowledge-sharing approach exhibited in The Blizzard demonstrates a spirit and set of intentions akin to AFF’s. His explanation of the nature and structure of evolving (and devolving) developmental trends across the world will undoubtedly be a Conference highlight.

Keynote speaker

Chris Carling

Lille OSC FC, Manchester United

Chris will be delivering a keynote speech – ‘Applicability of modern video and computer technology on performance development’.

Chris demonstrates the way to balance the academic and professional roles inherent to sports scientists simply by excelling equally in both areas and demonstrating that each is incredibly useful to the other.

He develops the cutting edge of scientific research in the multidisciplinary fields of player and match performance data collection and analysis.  He successfully employs this edge in elite football, where at the same time he maintains a direct link to the elite sport questions that sports science can answer (while building up a treasure trove of a databank!).  His current combination is a seven year affiliation with Lille OSC in France and a Senior Research Fellowship at the Institute of Coaching and Performance at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.  This is a man who lives and breathes elite football performance analysis, both its research and practice, and who will have an audience in rapt attention at the AFF Conference.

Keynote speaker

Michel Bruyninckx

AC Milan, Standard Liège, Dutch & Belgian FAs

Michel will be delivering an ‘Outside the Box’ speech on ‘The Brain and Performance’, discussing the cognitive processes involved in football and how to incorporate their development into coaching methodology

Michel is at the metaphorical ‘goalface’ of innovative coaching methods, with a history of working in teaching, research, and coaching roles.  Now working for the AC Milan Youth Sector, developing the coaching methodology of the ‘Milan Model’, Michel builds on his background as Academy Director at Standard Liège and longstanding associations with the Flemish Ministry for Education and the Dutch and Belgian National FAs

With extensive experience in the fields of cognitive neurology, neuropsychology, and neurobiology, Michel’s expertise is in improving the mental capacity and performance of his players through his ‘brain centred’ training methods.  The assumption is simple, and articulated by legend Johann Cruyff: ‘football is a game you play with your brain’.

Yet common knowledge on training fields across the world dictates that ‘you can’t coach vision, awareness, or speed of reactions’.  Michel’s work shows otherwise, and his recent appointment at AC Milan shows that the best clubs are acknowledging the importance of his approach.  Michel’s methods are positively groundbreaking in the football world, and his speech is on one of the most inspired topics at the AFF Conference.

Keynote speaker

Chris Anderson

‘The Numbers Game’, Cornell University

Chris will be delivering a keynote speech – ‘The Numbers of Glory’ – which outlines the role of mathematics and numbers in the world football.

A leader of the now popular quantitative football analytics movement, Chris has made a trendsetting mark on football consciousness with his and David Sally’s book The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong.

His work in the field concerns primarily the development of econometric models to study team dynamics and algorithms for evaluating player performance.  Driving this is his fascination with the complexity of interactions which occur in a football match and his belief that they can be analysed and processed to optimise performance.  Also a Professor of Political Science at Cornell University working where he teaches political economy and political sociology, Chris is an internationally recognised expert on the application of multilevel statistical models of political behaviour.  His academic weight is beyond reproach and, combined with his ability to capture an audience who lack a deep experience of maths, Chris is an invaluable addition to the AFF Conference roster.

john jensen
Keynote speaker

John ‘Faxe’ Jensen

Champion of Europe & Denmark, Brøndby, Arsenal

Faxe will be delivering a keynote speech – ‘Developing & Maximising Performance with Limited Resources’

Faxe is a highly decorated former international player with a successful coaching record since hanging up his boots. He is now a technical consultant at Brøndby IF, the club at which he began his professional career.

The 1987 Danish Player of the Year, Faxe was capped 69 times for his country and was part of the European Championship winning team in 1992, scoring in the final against Germany. His performance in the tournament earned him a move to Arsenal, where he played for four years, winning the FA Cup, League Cup, and UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. Known for ‘threatening corner flags and parked cars’ with his shooting, his solitary goal for Arsenal preserved his status as something of a cult hero in north London.

Faxe’s first foray into management was an immediate success, taking underdogs Herfølge BK to their only Danish Superliga title to date. After a less than successful second season, Faxe moved back to Brøndby as assistant manager, beginning a successful working relationship with Michael Laudrup. The 2005 League and Cup double formed a particular highlight of his four year stint. Faxe then followed Laudrup to Spain as Getafe CF assistant manager. While the Spanish experience was short-lived, a remarkably close-fought defeat in the UEFA Cup by Bayern Munich and a runners-up place in the Copa del Rey indicate a measure of success. Since then, Faxe has coached at Danish Randers FC and assisted Steve Kean at Blackburn Rovers in the English Premier League, before returning to Brøndby in 2012.

Faxe’s extensive experience at the highest levels of the game, both in the Arctic region and across Europe, make him a perfect keynote speaker.  We anticipate a highly informative speech from him in May!


Aaltonen big
Keynote speaker

Mika Aaltonen

Aalto Future Research Centre, Miracle of San Siro

Mika will be delivering an ‘Outside the Box’ speech: ‘Football and Society – Fulfilled and Unfulfilled Opportunities’

Mika is a former international footballer, who played across Europe before retiring due to injury.  His academic expertise brings a unique perspective to bear on football.

Mika studied throughout his football career and successfully defended his doctoral thesis in economics at the University of Turku after retiring from football.  He is now the Head of the StraX research unit and Adjunct Professor in Foresight & Complexity at Aalto University in Helsinki, among an international range of other scholarly positions alongside other roles, such as CEO of the Helsinki Sustainability Center.

His main academic project is in strategic intelligence and the exploration of futures in relation to complex organisational and societal structures.  Considering football from this angle should provide a true ‘outside the box’ point of view at the AFF Conference.

Leadership & Strategy


Aki Riihilahti

HJK Helsinki CEO, ‘Bit of a Legend’

Aki will be speaking on how to build sustainable infrastructure around a football club.

Aki is a former international footballer, playing at the highest level throughout the Arctic region and Europe, and he has written extensively on his experiences and beliefs in football.

He describes himself as a ‘motor of midfield, writer, a bit of a legend’ on his iconic personal website.  Aki is now the CEO of HJK Helsinki, having previously been CEO of the company running the Sonera Stadion in Helsinki.  The experience he has gained in the development planning and day-to-day operations of the Stadion and in related club structures will prove very useful to the AFF Conference.

Sten Söderman

Sten Söderman

'Wrote the book on Sports Management'

Sten will be speaking on Sponsorships as innovative revenue streams for Arctic football clubs

As a Professor Emeritus of International Business at Stockholm University, Sten’s academic foundations are beyond reproach.  He received his doctorate in the location strategies of industries from Stockholm University, and he frequently contributes to scientific development in the fields of international business, sports management, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Prior to his current professorship, Sten has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Luxembourg, Shanghai, and Gothenburg and a chaired professor the Luleå University of Technology.  He is an editorial member of Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, and the International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship.  However, not content to sit in his professor’s chair, Sten has also worked as a business consultant specialising in start-up operations in Manila, Geneva and Brussels.

His name will be familiar to all students of sports management and, if you have read a book on the subject, there’s a strong chance it was written by Sten, the author of some seventeen books.  The basis of Sten’s research is framed by asking what sport can learn from business.  As an experienced business academic and consultant he has sought to find the parallels between the relatively fledgling business of sport and wider, more advanced forms of enterprise.  Research themes reflect the multifaceted landscape of the business side of sport, including topics such as branding and sponsorship, media and technology, club management and governance, and business culture and fan identity.  Crucially, Sten always considers the practical application of major theoretical concepts and key research.

This connection between practice and theory reason explains his popularity among sports business practitioners and students alike, and makes him a highlight of the Leadership & Strategy track at the Conference in May.


Jasper Kain

Football Beyond Borders, Citizens UK, SOAS

Jasper will be speaking on Youth Inclusion Strategies Expanding the Talent Pool

Jasper is a prolific social campaigner and a founder member of Football Beyond Borders, an organisation borne out of the SOAS University of London football team. FBB uses the social function of football to tackle inequality and discrimination across cultures internationally and in communities in London.

As many British professional clubs have begun to realise in recent years, their traditional paths of youth development and talent identification fail to account for large swathes of the population, thereby limiting the available talent pool. With the rise of their own community inclusion projects, British clubs are more able to access and assess those who are excluded for reasons other than talent from these traditional paths.

Given the costs of participation in football in the Arctic region, and the relatively new (or at least recently deepening) phenomenon of immigration, innovative youth inclusion strategies which expand the talent pool can only increase clubs’ chances of finding the next Ibrahimovic.  We welcome Jasper and his conception of football to the AFF Conference.

kevin carpenter

Kevin Carpenter

Hill Dickinson LLP, LawInSport

Kevin will be speaking on the threats of match-fixing and how to counter them

Kevin is a highly respected sport lawyer, working for the established international law firm, Hill Dickinson LLP where he advises clients on all aspects of integrity, governance, regulatory and disciplinary matters in sport as well as commercial and regulatory sports issues, such as transfers and broadcasting. Kevin’s expertise on match-fixing is world-renowned.

Kevin has presented on these topics around the world, in Hungary, Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia, and he began a lecturing position at the University of Coventry this February. Kevin makes regular appearances in the media, providing commentary on topical sports law issues and contributing to sports podcasts. Furthermore, he has been quoted in a report for the European Commission and twice recommended by Interpol’s Integrity in Sport Unit.

Kevin is also a prolific writer, having been published in World Sports Law Report, International Sports Law Review, Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law, Sports Lawyers Journal and on the international online sports law resource, LawInSport, of which he is the former editor, and now a consultant, editorial board member, and regular blogger. He is currently in the process of writing a chapter on international sports law for a new textbook due to be published in 2014.


Blake Wooster

21st Club, ProZone, Wolves FC

Blake will be delivering a speech – ‘Measures of success in football – beyond league tables’.

A forward-thinking idea entrepreneur, Blake fuses his passion for high performance with commercial creativeness to help deliver competitive edge. A key player in the sports data market for over 15 years – most recently as the global business development director at Prozone - Blake co-founded 21st Club in 2013 and is now focused on inventing new value by helping key stakeholders make future-wise decisions. Blake has a First Class Honours in notational analysis, and has achieved the highest industry accreditation in performance analytics.

Keen writer and a sponge for new knowledge. Undervalued (read: failed) footballer-turned-social snowboarder, runner, golfer, cyclist.


Tom Markham

PwC, Analysis of Football Managers

Tom will be speaking on the processes of hiring and assessing football managers.

Tom is a respected strategic consultant specialising on the subject of football finance.  He was awarded his PhD in summer 2013 for his analysis of the performance of football managers and their impact on the value of clubs.

Tom is a qualified accountant and former foreign exchange trader with the Allied Irish Bank who has pursued his passion for football into the Sports & Leisure Practice of management consultancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers.  He has supported his professional development by obtaining his PhD from Henley Business School after graduating from the University of Liverpool’s prestigious MBA in Football Industries with a distinction (winning the Premier League’s award for the Best Dissertation).  These studies he in turn supported by providing freelance consultancy to the national associations of Ireland and Azerbaijan and to Celtic FC among other clubs, agencies and sports consultancies.  Tom’s frequent media contributions to publications including the Financial Times, The Times,, and the BBC have aroused strong interest in his work, and he promises to provide the AFF Conference with an excellent introduction to a football actor whose performance is rarely systematically evaluated; the football manager.


Christian Happel

Chemnitzer FC, Estonian FA, Baltic League

Christian will be speaking on the Practical Communication Strategies that clubs should employ

Christian is the CEO of the commercial division of German club Chemnitzer FC.  His main responsibilities at the club include the areas of sponsorship and sales, marketing, business development, VIP ticketing and hospitality, commercial strategy, social media, PR and brand management.

His current position builds on his extensive experience in sports marketing and management.  Christian has accumulated a great wealth of experience having worked at club level and within a governing body of football as well as several years at a sports marketing agency, which has allowed Christian to gather a varied and comprehensive knowledge of the sport from different perspectives. Previous to his position at Chemnitzer FC he held senior roles with the Estonian FA and the Baltic League.

Educated in Germany and both the US and UK, Christian holds an MBA in Football Industries from the University of Liverpool. His extensive experience working within international football and in particular his time in the Baltics makes him perfectly suited to talk at the AFF Conference on how to effectively communicate with the clubs stakeholders in order to cost-effectively manage and market a club with limited resources.

pal orosz

Pál Orosz

Ferenváros, European Club Association

Pál will be delivering the final Leadership & Strategy track speech on the topic of ‘Strategic Management’

Pál is the CEO of Ferencváros – the most popular football club in Hungary, managed by former German international Thomas Doll – and is charged with leading the club’s off-pitch development.

With a strong entrepreneurial background, involving co-ownership of top Hungarian advertising agency Human Telex, Pál has built his business experience in the marketing department of Philip Morris and as Head of Procurement at Haris Trading House. Prior to becoming the CEO, Pál effectively brought his leadership and marketing orientation to the Ferencváros’s Communications department.

As CEO of Ferencváros, Pál must coordinate and direct a wide range of types of interests and resources, in diverse infrastructures, all the while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Recently, these have included the successful negotiation of a partnership with English Premier League club Norwich City, and the €40m project of a new stadium for the club (which may finish ahead of schedule!).

Pál is recognised as one of Eastern Europe’s best football CEOs, and has been appointed to the European Club Association’s Marketing and Communications Working Group in recognition of his efforts. At ECA, Pál is working to develop best practice on marketing, communication, and promotion, defining new strategies for exploiting commercial opportunities.

The experience of developing best practice models at ECA, coloured by the practical skills and knowledge he has gained at Ferencváros, make Pál’s speech in the Leadership & Strategy track unmissable.

Performance Development


Luc Ailliet

RSC Anderlecht, National University of Health Sciences USA

Luc will be speaking on the holistic approach to health management in his speech ‘Harbouring Human Capital’

Luc is the Team Chiropractor of RSC Anderlecht, searching for and treating hidden weaknesses that can lead to preventable injuries within the context of the body as a whole and the ‘integrative care’ and ‘holistic’ approach to managing the human capital of athletes.

Building on his physiotherapy from the University of Ghent, Luc completed his chiropractic studies summa cum laude at the National University of Health Sciences in the USA.  Now he is pursuing an applied PhD with the University of Amsterdam where for the last three years he has combined his practice with Anderlecht and elsewhere in academic research.

Luc develops the clinical ability involved in diagnosing, treating and preventing mechanical disorders of the locomotor system and the two-way street between them and the nervous system.  Prevention is key, and requires effective prediction of how the individual will respond to potential injury inciting events (such as joint motion or the season training programme).  To Luc and the chiropractic community, such predictions are informed best by screening the whole body, observing dental occlusion, proprioception, and segmental (in)stability, among others.  Consequent holistic treatment of such problems and their injury consequences is the most effective in maximising the athletic potential of players of all levels.

With this history in the chiropractic profession and its academic foundation, Luc addresses the wider scope of health, its focus on harbouring the human capital of the athlete, and its impact in the club football environment.  We look forward to hearing about merits of this holistic approach at the AFF Conference.

Ola Larsson

Ola Larsson

IF Brommapojkarna

Ola will be speaking on ‘how to build a unified coaching methodology in a youth academy’

Ola is the Academy Manager at IF Brommapojkarna, the Swedish club famous for creating top-level players through its Youth Academy talent production line, after a 20 year affiliation with the club.

A Pro Licence Coach with a Master’s in Education from the University of Stockholm, Ola has been instrumental in developing the Bromma Model, which is implemented throughout the Academy and is rapidly becoming a key part of the club culture.

Bromma’s continuing successes in player development are a direct result of the strength of the coaching method used in the Academy.  Ola, as the Academy Manager and excellent public speaker, is highly qualified to explain how and why.  This speech is simply unmissable for all coaches and technical staff.

To hear more from Ola check out his interview on ArcticFootballTV


Ricardo Duarte

‘Mentor of Mentors’

Ricardo will be speaking on the value and practical implications of conceptualising football teams as ‘superorganisms’.

Ricardo is a Professor of Soccer Training Methods & Performance Analysis at the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Human Kinetics, the place where many recognised coaches completed their undergraduate training (e.g. José Mourinho, Carlos Queiroz, etc).

Currently, Ricardo is focused on transferring his approach for coach education, mentoring and performance analysis applications, both in academic and professional soccer settings.  His primary research interests relate to the metrics of tactical and technical match performance.  However, his innovative approach moves away from traditional conceptions of a football team as a collection of individuals or subunits, instead focusing on the social networks and dynamics of the teams and game as a whole.

This connection to alternative disciplines and appropriation of their knowledge and ways of thinking is welcomed to the AFF Conference.

val nasedkin

Val Nasedkin

Olympics, Omegawave, EPL, Serie A, La Liga, NFL

Val will be delivering a speech on ‘How to manage and develop performance in elite football clubs’

Val is a retired decathlete for the former Soviet Union and the co-founder and current technical director of Omegawave, one of several pioneering companies in the field of functional preparedness in athletes.

Val is highly experienced in the principles of training periodisation and cycles of acquisition and recovery.  Psycho-physiological readiness to train and compete concerns the physiological state of the endocrinal and central nervous systems alongside the rates of cardiac and metabolic workload.  Furthermore, the perception of fatigue is as influential as the actual physiological fatigue, with such psychological fatigue associated with certain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine-to-serotonin ratio in the brain.  As Val argues, it is crucial to retain these details within the big picture of the whole training philosophy.

Val has been a guest lecturer on the philosophy of ‘training for trainability, not just performance’ at many sport science and physical education institutions around the world.  Furthermore, he regularly consults for Olympic committees, sports federations and national and professional teams for various sports.  These include the Dutch Olympic Committee, the USA Track and Field Olympic Committee, and the staff of English Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga teams, plus NFL teams through a partnership with Nike.  He is also keyed into the academic field, advising and working with various research institutions including the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the top NCAA Division 1 competitor Duke University in the USA, and the Canadian National Sports Center in Calgary.

We look forward to such a highly respected member of the community speaking at the Conference.

jovanovic final

Mladen Jovanović

Hammarby FC, Fenerbahce volleyball, Partizan basketball

Mladen will be speaking ‘how to individualise HIT conditioning and strength training in team sports’.

Mladen is a senior physical coach with experience in a broad range of national and sporting contexts. Most recently Head Physical Preparation Coach at Hammarby, Mladen is currently preparing for the next stage in his coaching and academic career while maintaining his practically educational blog.

Educated in Physical Preparation at in his hometown University of Belgrade after an intriguing background in computer programming, Mladen has developed his practical knowledge with athletes in a range of different team and individual sports. In Serbia he has worked in football, tennis, and volleyball, as well as in a role with the Partizan Belgrade basketball team. In the USA, Mladen has coached general strength & conditioning including of in a multisport institution, and been the Head Physical Preparation Coach at the Fenerbahce volleyball team in Turkey, before taking up the role with Hammarby.

Through his blog, research, and public interviews, Mladen answers key questions and provides crucial insights into how he physically prepares his athletes. In his Conference speech and panel discussion, he will provide practical answers regarding: what tests of physical condition (e.g. the Beep and Yo-Yo tests) to use; different ways to estimate the 1 Rep Max; and crucially how test results should influence training.

Mladen’s particular international experience in implementing practical physical development programmes in contexts with relatively limited resources means that he is well aware of the questions coaches have and issues they must address. His speech at the AFF Conference in May is simply a must for any coach involved in physically preparing their players.


Pedro Marques

Manchester City FC, Sporting Lisbon (SCP)

Pedro will be speaking on Opponent Scouting and Analysis.

Pedro is the Head of Opposition Analysis at Manchester City FC in his position as 1st Team Match Analyst.

Pedro’s education includes degrees in Physical Education (football) and Elite Performance Training from the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Human Kinetics, and the UEFA A coaching licence from the Scottish FA. Such a coaching background is crucial to effective match analysis because of the importance of identifying the winning ‘principal-component’ variables, which themselves are framed by the particular style of play, and therefore require a deep understanding of the game rather than just the numbers.

Pedro also worked for Sporting Lisbon CP before moving to Manchester, originally joining the club as an intern in 2004. His forward-thinking approach and practical application led to rapid promotions in coaching, analysis, and player recruitment roles under then Head Coach Paulo Bento, until his reputation sparked interest from City.

At City since 2010, Pedro is part of one of the most widely respected analytics departments in football, working alongside fellow pioneers Simon Wilson (who helped make Prozone a requirement for elite clubs) and Gavin Fleig (formerly one of Sam Allardyce’s key staff at technology-focused Bolton FC). Man City, in collaboration with Opta, demonstrated an openness remarkable to football clubs in 2012 when they published an entire Premier League season’s worth of match data through the MCFC Analytics project. This project gave the wider analytics community the chance to help develop the movement and placed City (and Pedro) firmly at the forefront. As Pedro describes, ‘we are trying to understand how the individual players co-operate and develop synergy as a team. Most analysis still focuses on discrete variables and actions, but most important for us is to understand the interactions’.  

kevin mcg

Kevin McGreskin

Soccer EyeQ, UK & Croatian FAs, Dundee United, Partick Thistle

Kevin will be speaking on the aims and methods of cognitive-perception or ‘game awareness’ training

Kevin is a highly respected Coach and Coach Educator who works to enhance performance from the grassroots to the elite primarily through his role as the Technical Director of Soccer eyeQ and as a regular speaker on coaching courses around the world.

Kevin has held positions and conducted work with a range of National Associations, including the English, Irish, Welsh, and Croatian FAs.  He also has direct experience in coaching top-level Scottish football with Partick Thistle and Dundee United.

Kevin’s focus in coaching is to develop players’ ‘vision and awareness’ and to incorporate ‘mental overload’ into sessions to challenge players in their preparation for the mental and physical demands of the high speed of football matches.  His speaking experience should put an end to the myth that such attributes are untrainable at the AFF Conference.


Juan Luis Delgado-Bordonau

Aspire Academy, Villarreal, Valencia, Mourinho

Juan will be speaking on tactical periodisation and how to design an integrated training model.

Juan is the Director and essentially the founder of the new Scouting Department at the ASPIRE Academy in Qatar, identifying the players for the Qatari World Cup 2022 squad, and he is completing his PhD thesis on the age related differences in tactics with the University of Valencia.

His experiences in football are internationally diverse.  Juan has studied or worked in three different countries (the Netherlands, the US, and Qatar) since moving on from Assistant Manager roles at the Academies of Villarreal and Valencia.

His main area of interest is in the ‘tactical periodisation approach’ of coaching – the primacy of the tactical dimension in coaching through logical progressions of the four moments of the game (attack, defence, and positive & negative transitions).  Juan has recently completed a project on this topic in collaboration with Dr Alberto Mendez, another AFF Speaker.

Juan’s international experience and scientific approach to football coaching is a strong model for all coaches attending the AFF Conference.


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